Arthur Jones

Brooklyn-based artist, graphic designer, animator, writer, and former Providencian Arthur Jones returns to our beloved city to present his new book, Post-It Note Diaries. Compiled, edited and illustrated by Jones, the book captures everyday occurrences from a job interview gone hilariously awry and a nude run-in with a neighbor to hair-raising events like an overnight encounter at Nicholas Cage's house (it's not what you think!), and nearly drowning while trying to paddle across the East River in a homemade canoe.

An introduction to Jones's book in the form of a wonderful video:

Or, for those of you who aren't allowed to watch videos at work :

"The origin of Post-it Note Diaries starts a few years ago when I was working at painfully boring office. I was hired to design banner ads and supermarket coupons but the company was over-staffed so I spent most of my time pretending to be busy. To fend off the boredom, I started covertly writing stories in Microsoft Excel documents and illustrating them on Post-its. I found 3 inch yellow pads of Post-its to be perfect little sketchbooks and I could swipe hundreds of them at a time from the supply closet without anyone noticing. Eventually I started reading these work stories in public -- at bars, bookstores and art galleries. To accompany my performances I projected a slideshow of my Post-it Note drawings behind me. It was a little like narrating a comic one panel at a time or presenting a hand drawn lecture. Months later my friend Starlee Kine and I took that format and expanded it into the Post-it Note Reading Series. Each show was an experiment, where both established authors and non-writers could present stories over a backdrop of my Post-it drawings. Post-it Note Diaries is an extension of the Reading Series. It features some stories that are old favorites and some new work by some of my favorite writers and performers. Admittedly it's a book that's hard to explain-- part non fiction anthology, part graphic memior-- but it's easy to figure out once you open it. To best understand exactly what Post-it Note Diaries is, read the first chapter by humorist John Hodgman and everything should start to make sense." - Arthur Jones

The book's contributors include Andrew Bird, Arthur Bradford, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Daniel Engber, Jonathan Goldstein, John Hodgman, Starlee Kine, Chuck Klosterman, Laura Krafft, Beth Lisick, Marie Lorenz, David Rakoff, David Rees, Mary Roach, Kristen Schaal, Jeff Simmermon, Andrew Solomon, Hannah Tinti, and David Wilcox.

You can read a sample chapter right here.

Arthur Jones will read from and sign copies of his new book. Seating is limited. Please call or email the gallery or RSVP to the event on Facebook if you plan on attending.