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Pentagram by Andrew Labanaris

Uncolored pen and ink artwork by Andrew Labanaris.

Posters will be available for purchase at the show. You may purchase the artwork online in our shop.

Pentagram's 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR. Friday, January 7 @ Club Hell in Providence. We printed the 18" by 24" four-color blacklight poster for this show.

Artwork by the always-amazing Andrew Labanaris.

I know what you are thinking. THERE IS NO WAY THIS BAND HAS BEEN AROUND FOR FORTY YEARS. I didn't believe it either. Buuuut I looked it up on Wikipedia (the second most un-metal thing I could have done) and according to the dudes who spend their hours editing wiki pages about metal bands (the first most un-metal thing you can do), it is official. For further proof, you can find some great old Death Row lineup footage on YouTube: